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7+ mila Collaboration.


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Mila Hasegawa JAMESIE

This necklace, created by the model/designer, combines fashion and health.



She gained a lot of attention after appearing on the romance reality show "Terrace House" in 2017, and has been active not only as a model but also as a designer.

He also runs his own fashion brand called "JAMESIE."

The concept is "all gender" with the hope that people of any gender or race can wear it, and the motif is the rainbow, the symbolic color of LGBT.

It is precisely because Mira has such a high level of awareness and deep thoughts about such "social issues" that she has been able to collaborate with SEVENPLUS, which is working to solve the problem of "harmful radio waves," which is expected to become more serious with the advent of 5G.

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テラスハウス長谷川ミラがmila Jamesie COIN / Goldを着用している拡大写真

"Fashion" and "health"

This is a one-of-a-kind necklace created by this designer and model.

This collaboration project took many samples before it was completed, and we designed it as a coin necklace that will last a long time and can be worn for a long time.

We hope that everyone who picks up this book will be able to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic waves, even just a little!