Risks of electromagnetic waves

・Decreased cerebral blood flow ・Headache

・Stiff shoulders and back pain

・Decreased range of motion

・Weakened immune system

Chronic stress

・Depression and dementia

Although this varies from person to person, there are also various other influences that are said to be present.

About electromagnetic waves

Harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets can have adverse effects on the human body, not only causing eye fatigue and muscle stiffness, but also aging, reduced joint range of motion, reduced cerebral blood flow, and increased susceptibility to cancer and other diseases.

The reason why electromagnetic waves can have a harmful effect on the human body is believed to be because weak biomagnetism and electricity flow through the human body. When exposed to harmful electromagnetic waves from electronic devices, it is believed to disrupt the balance of electrical currents in the body, causing physical discomfort.

5G mobile phones use microwaves, which are radio waves in the same range as microwave ovens.

Experimental results have been published that show that when headphones are held directly to the ear, the eyes and brain are exposed to electromagnetic waves at close range, reducing the amount of blood reaching the brain during a call to a quarter of normal levels.

For your health

Invisible harmful electromagnetic waves are certainly present all around you and those you care about.

Is it okay to continue to overlook these effects on the human body?

SEVEN PLUS has obtained patents in both Japan and the US for converting harmful electromagnetic waves into beneficial ones, and sells electromagnetic wave countermeasure items that convert "harmful" electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, computers, everyday communication devices, and home appliances into "beneficial" electromagnetic waves for the human body. This conversion technology has been scientifically proven, and beneficial electromagnetic waves normalize the electrical current balance in the body, improving concentration and thinking ability. (First patent obtained in Japan and the US)

Impact on children

In today's world, the use of computers and smartphones is on the rise. However, if you use them for long periods of time, the electromagnetic waves emitted by the devices may cause symptoms in children similar to those experienced after a fever.

We recommend that you use the device at least 1m away from your child.

EMC Effects

The effects of EMC include:

・Prevention of dementia by increasing cerebral blood flow to the hippocampus (the center that controls memory), which is part of the limbic system

・Improve brain power and Qigong ability

・Reduces the harm of radiation and activates the human brain with electromagnetic waves

- Terahertz (polysilicon) cell level activation effect

・Mitochondrial magnetic action (generation of reactive oxygen species that neutralize reactive oxygen species)

Increasing cerebral blood flow to the hippocampus, the control center of memory, helps prevent dementia.

It is also expected to help bring out the maximum potential the human body can inherently exhibit, including explosive power, endurance, flexibility, and mental strength.

These effects are greater when the electromagnetic waves are directed closer to the head.
(Effects vary from person to person, and we do not guarantee results for everyone.)

What is EMC?

It is an abbreviation of "electro-magnetic compatibility" and is also called "electromagnetic compatibility" or "electromagnetic environment compatibility". This term is defined as "the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without causing unacceptable interference to anything in that environment."

*EMC (International Patent Acquired)
Patent No. 6033599
Patent No. 5922264
U.S. Patent No. 9531080

What is the BLACK EYE theory?

Its structure is based on Ampere's law (the law that describes the relationship between electric current and the magnetic field that is generated around it), and overlapping coils facing in opposite directions cancel out the magnetic fields of the same direction. It cancels out excess electricity that has built up due to harmful electromagnetic waves in the body, regulating bioelectric currents.

*BLACK EYE (general medical device) General medical device notification number 23B2X000100000001

Achieving three "world firsts" in the EMC field

1. It is a scientifically proven technology that converts harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices into electromagnetic waves that are beneficial to the human body, and is a versatile technology.

2. We have obtained a patent for a technology that converts harmful electromagnetic waves into beneficial electromagnetic waves.

3. We have obtained a patent for a technology that converts electromagnetic waves that weaken the immune system into electromagnetic waves that boost the immune system.

We live in a very convenient age, and while our lives have become richer, we are also living in an age where we must become more health conscious.

We can't change this world that is too convenient.

That is why we have entered an era where it is up to us to protect our own health and the health of our loved ones.

Harmony and coexistence have always been important, and SEVEN PLUS wants to help you achieve harmony between the convenience of modern society and your health.