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7+ Shen Collaboration.

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SHEN | Def Tech

This is a collaboration product with "Aloha Spirit," a project launched by Shen, who grew up on Oahu, to convey the true meaning of the Aloha Spirit to people.

In recent years, he has been actively engaged in solo activities.

Various Artists

Shen creates unique music in collaboration with

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Shen, who grew up on Oahu,

Focusing on music activities

We launched a project called "Aloha Spirit" to convey the true meaning of the Aloha Spirit to people.

Aloha Spirit
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青空を背景にした、SEVEN PLUS 電磁波対策ネックレス Shen ALOHA魂シリーズ Silver & Goldの写真
What is ALOHA?

What is ALOHA?

If you divide the letters of Aloha into two, "ALO" and "HA," ALO means "joining our consciousnesses" and HA means "to breathe."

In ancient Polynesia, people would greet each other by touching their foreheads and noses and exhaling deeply through their noses.
It was a greeting that expressed the joy of having met each other at that moment and acknowledged and praised the preciousness of life.

"Breathe Aloha, Love Hawaii, Connect with the World"

Based on this concept, Aloha Spirit aims to create a beautiful world filled with love by providing retreats through music and spreading the idea of ​​"Aloha."