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7+ Maxi Hawaii Collaboration.

ハンドメイドで電磁波対策ネックレスを作るMaxi Hawaii

Hawaiian Jewelry


A collaboration product with Maxi Hawaii, which expresses Hawaii's "tradition" and "beauty" through handmade jewelry.

Hawaiian Jewelry

Maxi Hawaii

This collaboration item is carefully engraved one by one by Howard Miao, a skilled and experienced jeweler who is also the founder of Maxi Hawaii.

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Since its establishment in 1996,

Tradition and beauty

Maxi Hawaii continues to spread this message from Waikiki to the world.

This is a handmade jewelry brand that captivates people all over the world with the warmth of hand-carved items and designs that are reminiscent of nature.

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a photo of Maxi Hawaii craft making a ring
a photo of Maxi Hawaii shop in Hawaii

Proven skills

Howard Miao, Maxi Hawaii founder and jewelry craftsman, has experience in this field.

This is a collaborative piece of jewelry that he created by carefully hand-carving each piece.

You can feel the warmth of handmade items, and no two pieces are alike.

This electromagnetic wave conversion necklace was designed with inspiration from Hawaii's magnificent nature.