7+ birth story

The story behind the birth of SEVEN PLUS

SEVEN PLUS CEO Hitomi Harada

About 10 years ago, I was blessed with a child and gave birth. However, the joy and happiness of having a child did not last long. I was prone to getting sick, so I had to breastfeed and change diapers in the middle of the night, and the stress of childcare caused me to get sick.

I suffered from insomnia and postpartum depression.

Over the next three years, I went to see an internal medicine specialist, a psychiatrist, and a psychosomatic medicine specialist, but even taking the prescribed medication did not result in any significant improvement in my condition.

So I wanted to know more about measures against electromagnetic waves, and while I was researching, I found

I came across electromagnetic wave conversion technology.

After trying it for about half a year, I noticed that my long-standing insomnia and postpartum depression symptoms gradually began to ease, and I could really feel the effects.

At first, I couldn't hide my shock and confusion at the fact that electromagnetic waves were the cause of my insomnia and postpartum depression, but as my predisposition to illness improved over time, I realized that I was electromagnetic hypersensitive.

To those who, like me, are unknowingly becoming unwell due to electromagnetic waves,

The desire to share this technology grew stronger,

With the support of researchers, my husband, and my children, I was able to create the electromagnetic wave protection necklace.

I was the same as you are now.

I completely understand your concerns about electromagnetic waves.

We have received positive feedback from many people so far, and we are very pleased that artists, athletes, and especially people who love nature culture have praised the product for converting energy into natural electromagnetic waves.