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Medical grade Surgical 316L

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SEVEN PLUS Surgical 316L

  • We use scalpels of the same grade as those used in medical settings.
  • It hardly produces any metal ions that cause metal allergies.

Is surgical stainless steel okay for people with metal allergies? Can I take a bath with it on?

Surgical stainless steel is also attracting attention as a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies. It is relatively resistant to rust, corrosion, and heat, so it is generally no problem to bring it into the bath. However, in hot springs, depending on the ingredients, it may rust, so be sure to remove it before bathing.

A simple surgical stainless steel necklace that you'll want to wear every day

Surgical stainless steel is a material with extremely low allergenicity among stainless steels, and is called "316L" in the JIS standard. It is characterized by little discoloration and rust resistance, and is also used in medical tools and body piercings.