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7+ FanFan Collaboration.


Colors Nail

Nail Colors


This is a collaboration product with FanFan, a top nail artist who is requested by leading international artists, including Katy Perry.

Global star

Katy Perry

She provides treatments to artists and dancers active on the front lines, including the likes of the 'Mr.' and 'Mr.'. She is also the owner and manicurist of "Colors Nail," which holds nail art seminars for manicurists both in Japan and overseas.

Each one hand-painted

Each art necklace is unique and made with careful attention to detail.

It is also incorporated into nail designs.

Inspiration from natural stone

This is art with depth that adds the unique worldview created in FanFan's mind.

It also has a visually relaxing effect, and the more you look at it, the more depth and intricacy of the design becomes apparent.

Creative story...