SEVEN PLUS 電磁波対策ネックレス COIN MODELの大きい写真
A classic design


A coin-type model that is popular with both men and women.

PURE Series

"Because we want everyone to try SEVEN PLUS."

We offer products at prices that are affordable for everyone.

Surgical Stainless Steel 316L Series

"Because we want you to feel safe wearing it every day."

We have products available that are suitable for people with metal allergies and are made from the same material as medical scalpels.


"We want you to enjoy both fashion and health."

We offer luxurious products that use Swarovski crystals, giving off a luxurious sparkle.

Mira Hasegawa | Terrace House Series

She is a model/designer who has appeared on Terrace House,

This necklace combines fashion and health.

Shen | Aloha Spirit Series

Shen, who grew up on Oahu, started this project to teach people the true meaning of the Aloha Spirit.

A collaboration product with "Aloha Spirit."

FanFan | Colors Nail Series

A top nail artist who is requested by leading international artists such as Katy Perry.

This is a collaboration product with "FanFan".

[Limited quantity] Limited series

This coin-shaped necklace is carefully handcrafted one by one.

This is a limited edition product that uses Swarovski luxuriously.